DISNEY DELIGHTS (frozen movie review)


The best part of becoming a parent is the knowledge that you’ve created life, and ensured a part of you will live on long after you’ve gone. Pfffft – who am I kidding?! The best part of being a Mum is having an excuse to see all the new animated Disney movies.

I counted the days until Big Sis was old enough to sit right through Cinderella, and Tangled quickly became a family favourite (a frypan… who knew?!). So it’s safe to say we were all pretty excited when Frozen came out, and pretty close to ecstatic when invited to attend a special sing-a-long screening AND the chance to meet directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee afterwards.


Frozen directors, Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck


What excited looks like.

I was a teensy bit apprehensive about taking 3.5-year-old Lil Sis to her first theatre movie, but she was enthralled from opening bars of ‘Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?’ until the closing credits began to roll. The girls loved the songs and the beautiful animation, and there was plenty of humour to appeal to the grown ups.

But be warned: Disney movies are highly addictive. We were singing the songs pretty much day and night for the next two weeks. We also might’ve* watched it another time since, and preordered the DVD (which comes out 31 March – not that I’m counting the days). If you want to get a little frostbite yourself, below are the links to the Disney store and the official website (Heads up – there are are some cute Frozen colouring-in sheets for you to download!).

*definitely did

Disney Store Frozen pre-order: http://bit.ly/FrozenPrePurchase
Twitter: @Disney_UK #Frozen


  1. LOVE the new look of your blog. So fresh, clean and stylish.

  2. We LOVE Frozen. i was lucky enough to review the soundtrack before the film hit the cinemas and we were hooked from the first song. It stayed in my car for months until LB worked how to eject it and snaffle it up to her bedroom. We went to see Frozen at the cinema and loved it so much we went back two more times to see it (in the same week!!). I am not jealous that you got to go to a special sing along event,with the directors but i certainly dont like you as much as i did at the start of the post

  3. […] And it was following a game of UNO in the train, a visit to the Science Museum and a lunch at Pizza Express that we arrived at the hotel to enjoy some yummy cupcakes and a good chat with my lovely blogging friends, Lizzie of Mummy in Manolos (by the way you HAVE to check her review, Lizzie is an amazing illustrator and you have to see her illustration of Elsa) and Jacqui of Mummy’s Little Monkey. […]

  4. Just seen this now, wow must have been amazing to go to a Q and A of the directors-a seriously moving musical film-we were addicted from the first view and soundtrack is in the car too! I might have cried the first time I saw it and how hot is Cristophe. OK I’ll stop now!

    • Haha! Fancying a cartoon..?! Hmmm…. 😉 I must admit I got a bit misty at a few points because Anna and Elsa reminded me of my two girls (without the magical powers and royal titles, of course). xx

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