WAISTING AWAY (med contour ultrasonic liposuction)

The New Year – that time when we vow to get healthier and happier, and flock to the local gym like Wildebeest to an African oasis (sure, by the end of February most of us will have swapped sessions in the gym for sessions on the couch watching Real Housewives of Orange County – but that’s beside the point). 

I’ve moaned talked before about how hard it is to get to the gym with two littlies and a pesky career all eating into my me-time. I mean, seriously, how can I be expected to lose my lingering Mum-Tum when it takes soooooooo many sit-ups, and soooooooo long on the running machine? Who has that kind of free time (or motivation) these days?!

Not me, sir! 

So imagine my delight to hear about this new treatment called Med Contour. It’s a non-surgical treatment to get rid of all those annoying fatty pockets that are the hardest to shift. I’m talking the muffin top, the bridesmaid’s bulge (that wobbly bit in the armpit), and the dreaded back rolls. 

Unluckily for me, I inherited my grandmother’s apple body shape. Skinny arms and legs (not so bad!) and a thick, pudge-storing middle (not so good…). While everything else eventually slimmed back down to pre-pregnancy weight, my tummy and waist point blank refused to ping back. 

I was a size 10 all over, but my waist measured as a 14! So you imagine how difficult it was to find tops and dresses that fitted properly *deep sigh*. 

With MedContour, your unwanted bulges are blasted with high-frequency ultrasound waves. These help to break down fat cells, which are then manually drained into the body’s own lymphatic system and flushed out through the liver. 

But you don’t want to know how it works, right? You want to know if it DOES work!

Well, I was lucky enough to be offered a six-course trial (that’s the number of sessions they recommend, to really see a difference) and visited their Harley Street clinic to undergo the one-hour treatments. 

It’s an unusual sensation; your wobbly bits are simultaneously vacuumed up, and heated – to the point of being uncomfortable, but stopping just short of unbearable. It can be a bit twinge-y if the ultrasound waves niggle on a nerve, but all in all, it’s a pretty cushy way to firm up. 

And, yes, it did work for me. It wasn’t a dramatic weight loss, per se, more of a tightening effect, and I noticed my clothes were fitting better. But there was also another side effect… seeing those subtle changes spurred me on to see bigger results. So out went the soft drinks (which I started drinking when I gave up smoking) and in came the bottles of water instead. 

Not only do I feel better knowing it’s a healthier choice, but it’s definitely helping accelerate the weight loss too. For the first time in five years I can see an actual waist (or the beginnings of one, at least). 

Now that really does warrant a woo hoo!


• my med contour sessions were provided for review

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