DIAL FOR DAVINA (the bt sport relief challenge)

The other day I did 30 minutes solid on the bike machine and was pretty darn chuffed with myself. Then I read about Davina McCall’s contribution to this year’s Sport Relief, and suddenly my pedal power didn’t seem quite so impressive… 

BT Sport Relief Challenge: Davina – Beyond Breaking Point is a gruelling seven day ordeal during which the (plucky? crazy?) 46-year-old presenter and Mum of three is swimming, running and cycling her way from Edinburgh, to London. That’s 500 miles. Five hundred miles. 

That’s a pretty amazing thing to do for charity, right? The least we can do is show our support by following her journey, via the photos and videos on the SPORT RELIEF WEBSITE, or by texting messages of encouragement using the #Davina hashtag. 

There are other ways we can all help (without even having to leave the couch!). Davina will be the voice of the Speaking Clock until 23 March, and BT will donate 10p from every call made from a BT landline. AND… today has been declared ‘Dial for Davina’ day. Every time you make a call from a BT home phone line, business link, or pay phone, BT will give 10p to Sport Relief.

So don’t just sit there – pick up the phone and get dialling! 

• disclosure: I received vouchers for this post


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