IT’S WEIRD… BUT I LOVE IT! (instagram marshmallows by boomf)

Sometimes you have to wonder where people get their ideas from. I mean – marshmallows imprinted with your favourite Instagram pictures?! 

It’s just so darn kooky you can’t help but love it, right?

There’s something quite bizarre about biting into your own child’s head, but the squidgy vanilla marshmallowy-ness helped me to quickly overcome any lingering cannabilistic concerns I had. 

It’s fun, frivolous, and something a bit different to send that person who has everything! Not to mention, a nifty little marketing idea for all you business-y types out there… 

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• our marshmallows were sent for the purpose of review

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  1. h aha, this is brilliant! I don’t like marshmellows, but I know M would LOOOOVE these! Cool to see your instagrams pics like that. xoxo

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