So it turns out reading isn’t just a fun, magical way to spend quality time with your children, it’s actually helping them to explore and understand life around them. 
According to Early Years Advisor, Lesley Jallow, story books allow your child to visualise and process different scenarios – such as growing up, facing danger, and making the right decisions. 

Reading can also expand your child’s imagination – encouraging them to dream and think outside their own world. It increases their vocabulary, and their comprehension of different cultures, and ways of life. 

At the BOOKBUGGY they call it ‘The Book Bubble’ – when you get so absorbed in a story that it totally comes alive. So much so, it stirs real emotions – have you ever been so absorbed in a book that you’ve actually laughed out loud? Or actually felt bereft when you turn the last page, because the characters feel like real friends?!

Growing up I was always a bookworm and hope my girls develop a great love for books too, with the help of Bookbuggy. The ingenious subscription service delivers three or four brand-new titles each month – each carefully selected according to their age, interests and important events. 

It’s a fun, fantastic way to inspire them to read, and encourage them to create their very own ‘Book Bubble’. 

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