BLIND LUCK (child safety tips)

I don’t often tackle the serious stuff on this blog, but there’s one topic that I’ve always felt really passionate. 

It’s something that kills children every year, but could be so easily avoided with just a tiny bit of knowledge. 

Window blinds most often come with looped cords. They make opening and closing a blind easier, but also pose a massive safety risk to young children who can easily get the string wrapped around their neck. They panic, struggle, and draw the cord tighter, and can be strangled in as little as 20 seconds. 

A recent survey by APOLLO BLINDS revealed that, despite being aware of the dangers, only a third of parents have actually taken steps to fit clips, or install child-safe cordless blinds. 

So they’ve launched safety campaign to urge Mums and Dads to cast a fresh eye around their home, spot any potential dangers, and follow this simple advice: 

• install cordless blinds, or motorised ones operated by remote control

• if your blinds DO have looped cords, make sure the excess is safely tied back with hooks or clips out of reach of children

• make sure furniture and cots are kept away from windows

• use blinds with chain break connectors – that pull apart under pressure

These simple checks and precautions take just minutes, but could save your child’s life. So don’t put it off – do something now! 

BTW: I didn’t receive any payment for this post – it’s just a subject I’m VERY passionate about! 


  1. We have blinds all through the house apart from the kids rooms….They were in there when we moved in and one of the first things we did was take them out!! They worry me!

  2. YouBabyMeMummy - September 22, 2013 reply

    I saw a family on This Morning who lost their little one. We have a hook, but think we need to do more. Thanks for the reminder x

  3. Blind safety is so important – we really don’t want to keep hearing the sad stories involved with it. There’s some really simple fixes like those outlined above too – cordless blinds and chain break connectors are some great options.


    Tamworth Locksmiths

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