DEAR DIARY (mum’s office school diary)

I’m not naturally organised. 

I’m more one of those ‘piles of paper and little notes stuck everywhere’ kind of people. Case in point: we had a big tidy up at home last week in preparation for Big Sis’ birthday party — I haven’t been able to find a bloody thing since. 

So the offer to try the new Big Family School Year Diary from MUM’S OFFICE came just in time. 

I loved the funky raspberry colour, and the way each week spreads across two pages (one page to list all your upcoming appointments, events, etc, and a second to coordinate everyone else’s) so there’s plenty of space to fit all those vitally important scribblings. 

This is really modern take on the classic diary: rather than just the standard telephone and address sections, it has ‘In Case I Lose My Mobile’ and pages where you can list your ‘Need To Know’ websites. There’s also a particularly handy elastic band, so you’re not constantly shuffling through the pages to find your place. 

I’ve already started filling it in with term dates, and appointments and a daily To Do list, and have even done that thing when you tick things off afterwards. I feel so darn grown up!

So this year there will be no forgotten birthdays, no missed appointments, no jobs that go undone. I know what you’re thinking – it’s a diary, not a miracle worker. 

• diary was provided for the purpose of review


  1. Tattie Weasle - August 14, 2013 reply

    Heck I’d love it if I were organised! And I am just in need of a new school year diary….

  2. Having just given up work to write, tend my veg patch and be a mother (eek!) I am starting to use a calendar (I’m used to using my work e-calendar that synced with my phone) and am crap at it. One of these might just do the ticket! My post-its blew out of the window last week. I didn’t pick them out of the cow pat in the next field and was then at a loss!

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