THE BOOTS WITH THE BUILT-IN CUDDLE // ugg australia review

sheepskin boots

I’m in love. 

I’m not talking about my kids (although I love them, obvs) I’m talking about my new gorgeous, chocolate-brown Bailey Button Triplet UGG AUSTRALIA boots. 

Just look at them will you? They’re soft and velvety, and lined with sheepskin so thick it’s like they’re giving my feet a cuddle with every step. Mmmmmm!

They’ve got fab grippy soles, and sheepskin has a natural water repellent. I know this, because I’m from New Zealand and Sheep Physiology is one of our compulsory subjects at school. 

(That’s not really true, but I bet you believed me, just for a second).

bubs wearing Uggs sheepskin boots
I’m not the only one who loves them; Lil Sis is quite partial to them too. Except, on her, they’re less knee-high boots, and more neck-high… I love them so much, I almost wish it was winter again; yes, they’re THAT cool. 

• my Ugg sheepskin boots were provided for the purpose of review


  1. MidlifeSinglemum - May 25, 2013 reply

    I had uggs from Autralia 23 years ago before they were even heard of in Europe or the US. I loved them. I couldn’t afford them now though.

  2. Mummy Matters - May 26, 2013 reply

    Ooh i love them, lucky for you that you now live in the UK because we have such rubbish weather i should think you’re actually getting some wear out of them. Who needed summer anyway though!!

    (yes i did believe the sheep physiology thing for a little second there – come on i have just had a baby!!)

  3. Babes about Town - May 26, 2013 reply

    Gorgeous boots, love the pic of Monkey number 2 strutting her stuff 😉 They do look mighty cosy, i can practically stroke them through my screen 😉 x

  4. Mum in Meltdown - May 28, 2013 reply

    I am soooooooo Jealous!!! They look gorgeous and warm………… I need an UGG Boot fairy………anyone??

  5. Nothing to say except – want, want want!!!

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