TOGETHER (the gallery)

They fight. 

They yell at each other. 

They complain that the other one is picking on them/pushing them/pinching peas off their plate. 

They scream at one other to: ‘GO AWAAAAAY!’

But what they do most often, is this:



  1. Aww some lovely photos!

  2. Awww that’s fab, an age gap of around 2 years is fab I think. My 2 have 13 months between them and are just starting to really interact and play together so nice to see.

  3. Love love love love love love love it! My two are just the same – we just about get a look in!

  4. PhotoPuddle - April 5, 2013 reply

    All these picture are adorable.

  5. awww this is so lovely x

  6. familyfourfun - April 11, 2013 reply

    Lovely pics of togetherness :)) x

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