Big Sis, to me: ‘Mummy, I made you a special card!’

Presents me with a piece of cardboard, with lots of colourful paper stuck to it.

Me, to Big Sis: ‘Wow, that looks great! But how did you stick it all down? You know you’re not supposed to use the glue without Mummy’s help.’

‘It’s OK Mummy,’ she replied. ‘I stuck it all down with my spit!’



  1. Nice. It could have been worse….

  2. MishMashMamma - February 25, 2013 reply

    I have no words Jacqui! I’m just trying to picture her licking the whole card down! 🙂

  3. mummyslittlemonkey - February 25, 2013 reply

    Which reminds me of another time, a few years ago, when she drew me a picture… using the contents of her nappy… *shudders* 😉

  4. mummyslittlemonkey - February 25, 2013 reply

    Ha! I know! She must have had a pretty dry mouth afterwards… 😉

  5. familyfourfun - March 3, 2013 reply

    Oh indeed :)) x

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