It was cold yesterday. Bloody cold. 

So Lil Sis decided to show some initiative, and shield her fingers from those freezing winds. This is what she came up with… 

She came up with a name too: Sock Gloves. See what she did there??

• Our Sock Gloves were provided by Lil Sis’ sock drawer. Sock Gloves are also available for feet, and are called Sock… Socks.


  1. Know what gloves are called in Dutch? The literal translation is ‘Hand Shoes’. And why not?

  2. mummyslittlemonkey - February 6, 2013 reply

    Ha! I love it! I will forevermore refer to gloves as ‘Hand Shoes’.

  3. familyfourfun - February 21, 2013 reply

    Can’t help wondering if she has cold toes 😉

  4. mummyslittlemonkey - February 21, 2013 reply

    Ha! Solving one problem… but simply creating another?!? 😉

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