Picking my eldest up from school, her teacher came over, with a smile on her face. 

‘Big Sis made me laugh today,’ she started. 
‘Did she..?’ I replied (nervously). 

She explained that the class had been crafting, using bottle corks. 

‘These are just like the ones from my Daddy’s wine!’ Big Sis announced, loudly. ‘My Daddy drinks a LOT of wine. He drinks it aaaaaaaaaaaaall day, and aaaaaaaaaaaaall night too!’


• disclaimer: Daddy does not drink wine aaaaaaaaaaaaall day, and aaaaaaaaaaaaall night. Honest. 


  1. Haha! At least she didn’t say it was your wine 🙂

  2. Hilarious 🙂 that did make me laugh x

  3. Of course he doesn’t! The wine is Mummy’s!!

  4. MishMashMamma - January 17, 2013 reply

    Or what he gets up to after he has been drinking all day and all night! 😉

  5. lol bless, they are funny aren’t they xx

  6. Brilliant! I have tried not to use the word Cava in front of Bibsey for fear that she will use it against me like this.

  7. Ha! My son is only 20 months old and comes up to me with the beer mat and says: “Daddy’s? Daddy’s?”. It’s quite concerning really.

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