PICNIC POWER // little tikes picnic table review

Little Tikes picnic table

There are some things you can count on in life – your car will break down the day after you fill it with petrol, you’ll wake early on the one day you can sleep in, and your kids will totally destroy everything you own. 

I’m talking iPhones dropped in toilet bowls, your fancy crockery smashed, and expensive makeup smeared across little faces. Not to mention the fact that Lil Sis is at that delightful age when drawing on the walls is the best fun EVER!

This summer we were handed down a Little Tikes rocker and slide (thanks Elise and Robert!) and what impressed me the most was the fact they easily stood up the rigours of my two tomboys. When we got this LITTLE TIKES LARGE PICNIC TABLE to try, I knew the girls would put it through its paces. 

It only took me 25 minutes to put together (would have been 20 if I hadn’t put the screw caps on backwards first time round – d’oh!), then it was time for the big reveal… 

The girls were really excited when they saw it and immediately demanded that I turn it into a giant art table – which suited me just fine as the more they were creating pictures outside, the less they were scrawling on my walls, and tearing my home apart.  

I think it’s safe to say Summer has said ‘sayonara’ for this year, but the table will come in very handy next year when we drag out the old barbecue, and attempt some al fresco dining. 

What I love about this table is that it’s nice and deep, so there’s loads of room for two territorial monkeys who currently delight in antagonising each other. 

The chunky construction and smooth lines make it simple and safe for the kids to use on their own and, being plastic, it can stay outside all winter, and still be ready for action as soon as the warmer weather returns. 

• the picnic table was provided for the purpose of review

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  1. this has just reminded me that I never did see your finished garden – did you do a show off post? The part I can see looks great! x

  2. mummyslittlemonkey - October 9, 2012 reply

    Oh yeah!!!!!! I kept thinking ‘I’ll just buy this plant… or wait for this to be painted first…’ and never got round to it!!! Will put it on my ‘to do’ list 😉

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