FACING 40 AND BEYOND // slendertone face review

Slendertone Face pic

As someone on the plus side of 40, I love trying products that help you to hold back time – or at least slow its progress – so I was thrilled to be given a Slendertone Face to try out. 

If you’re not already familiar with the Slendertone Face, it’s a nifty little device that works by toning the 43 muscles in your face to give it a more lifted appearance.

They look a pair of plastic headphones which you wear it around the back of your head; the two gel pads sit snugly on the fleshy lower part of your jaw, back by your ears. 

A small control unit activates an electrical current that stimulates the nerves in your face, contracting and toning the muscle and creating a lifting effect. The increase in blood flow is also thought to improve your complexion.

I’m staring 40 straight in the face, so anything that promises to lift without surgery or needles immediately has my attention, but I’m not going to lie – it feels a bit strange at first.

The current creates a buzzing, tickling sensation which, as you turn it up, becomes more intense – kind of prickly. And when it’s set on high the muscle contractions can make you clench your teeth. But it’s not painful or unpleasant, just a little bizarre.

But on to the important stuff; does it work?

I’m actually going to let you draw your own conclusion. I used the SLENDERTONE FACE every day for 12 weeks, as recommended. I took a photo of myself before starting, then on the 4th, 8th and 12th week.

I tried to make the pics as similar as possible – although it turned out that the first photo wasn’t as smiley as the other three. I assure you these variances were inadvertent – not an attempt to influence the look of the pics.

Slendertone face

The last pic isn’t the best quality – it was quickly snapped on my way to a wedding. Still, I reckon you can see a definite improvement. It’s subtle, but it’s there – a lifting in those jowly bits under my chin, a tightening around my mouth and the line of my jaw. And my skin tone looks smoother and more radiant too.

What do you think – 21 again??

• my Slendertone Face was provided for review. The RRP of the basic unit is £149 (although you can often get them at discounted price from the SLENDERTONE WEBSITE); replacement gel pads are additional.


  1. Claire Appleby - September 17, 2012 reply

    Wow – sign me up!! Only I dont have a spare £250 at the mo. Although it is cheaper than surgery…..! X

  2. MidlifeSinglemum - September 18, 2012 reply

    There definitely seems to be a more defined jaw-line in the later pictures. Interesting.

  3. Wow, look at you, gorgeous lady. I need one of these too ;)))

  4. Pamela Wall - April 15, 2019 reply

    Just waiting for the next face..

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