SEA BASS, AND EAT IT (get it?)

I’m feeling a little bit smug at the moment. 

Late last week I received a delicious fish pack from WING OF ST MAWES, THE CORNISH FISHMONGER (even the name sounds cool, right??) packed with Sea Bass, hot-smoked Mackerel, and that good-old fishy classic; Sardines. 

I played it safe with the Sea Bass to begin with; grilling it in a little olive oil…

…and serving it up with bulgar wheat and quinoa, and roasted Mediterranean vegetables.

Then I got all inventive-like. We were catching up with some rellies over a BBQ (hey, I’m from New Zealand, it’s what we do) so I smeared the leftover fillets with a bit of garlic butter, laid a sprig of rosemary across each of them, and wrapped them both with tin foil. Then I chucked them on the grill to get, well, grilled. 

And this was the result! 

I’ll be totally honest – it was a teensy-weensy bit overcooked, but for a first attempt I was pretty happy. The garlic and rosemary added a twist of flavour without overpowering the delicate taste, and it was a nice, light alternative to the usual meaty BBQ fare of sausages, lamb, hamburger patties. 

Next I’ll be tackling the hot-smoked Mackerel. Watch this space! 

• my delicious fish pack was arranged by the amazing ladies at for the purpose of review


  1. I love sea bass its a favourite of mine. . I keep thinking of Austin POwers and ill tempered Sea Bass

  2. mmm looks amazing x

  3. I am always afraid of ruining sea bass on the bbq, but this look so good, I might just try it. Fingers crossed for an Indian Summer!

  4. Nice site nice fish sea bass tackle

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