This is my lovely Mum (who’ll be cursing me right about now for posting this pic) during her recent visit from New Zealand. 

She got to meet her youngest grandchild, Lil Sis, for the very first time, and see Big Sis for the first time since she looked like this: 


One thing about having your parents so far away, is that you really appreciate the time you do have with them. We had a lovely few weeks, which flew by waaaaay too quickly, and I was thrilled Mum could be there for Big Sis’s first day at school. 

Seeing Mum after four years was amazing, but seeing her with the girls was absolutely priceless. They both adored their Nana, but she and Lil Sis grew especially close. If Mum dared leave her eyesight, Lil Sis would follow her around shouting ‘Nana? NAAAAANA!’ The day Mum flew out, she walked into the spare room, saw her suitcases were gone, and burst into tears, wailing: ‘Nana gone… Nana gone..!’

So the moral of this story is that Mums are amazing, and unique and irreplaceable; a fact that the team behind Tesco Mum of the Year Awards already know. They’re honouring another batch of remarkable women in March 2013, and you can still put forward a wonderful Mum HERE

But be quick! Nominations close tomorrow…


  1. Gosh that must be so hard for you (and her!) having your mum so far away 🙁 I hate having mine just 70 miles away!!

  2. My parents live in Germany, so not half your distance, but we still only see each other a couple of times each year and it’s so hard.

    I remember them leaving the day after Amy was born and I was crying my eyes out because they couldn’t stay longer – Amy was 10 days late. I treasure every second with my family now, as I find you only really start valuing them when they aren’t there 24/7.

    By the way, you look just like your mum. Your faces are crazily identical, but I guess everyone tells you that 😉

  3. aw that must be so hard. I couldn’t imagine being so far from my mum (an MIL too really). I think we really do value our mums so much more once we start a family. x

  4. MidlifeSinglemum - September 21, 2012 reply

    I was almost in tears when I read this. It’s a lovely photo and I hope you get together again before another 4 years goes by. My parents are in London and we are in Jerusalem so we only see them (other than on skype of course) once a year.

  5. Aww, that’s absolutely lovely. My mum lives in France and I am lucky to see her fairly often but you are right, the distance makes you appreciate them even more when you are in their company… Glad to hear you spent some good quality time with her and that the girls got to work on that oh so important grand parents bond. Px

  6. My realtionship with my mum changed so much when I had the kids – for the better! we are very close now. I have nominated my lovely Tamsyn Wood as mum of the year…..

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