IT’S ALL GOING SWIMMINGLY (simply swim review)

So, that was Summer. All four days of it. Did you miss it? I warned you not to blink.

The briefly fantabulous weather, however, did allow us to try out our fab new cozzies (that’s swimsuits, to you English-y folk) from

Doesn’t Lil Sis just look the cutest in her SPEEDO GIRLS’ SEA SPARKLE swimsuit, in majestic purple?
Speedo Sea Sparkle toddlers' swimsuit

I was lucky enough to also try the gorgeoussimo SPEEDO AQUA DELUXE swimsuit. I’m not going to show you a photo of me wearing it, as you might be eating, and it would spoil your dinner. 

Here is a very pretty skinny lady, who won’t put you off your food, wearing it instead:

I was always a two-piece girl, but my bikini-wearing days ended about five years, and two babies, ago. I knew it was time to graduate to a one-piece, but still wanted to feel good when I wore it (well, as good as a 39-year-old mother-of-two with a jelly belly could feel!).

So let me tell you what I love about the Aqua Deluxe. The halter neck design is really flattering, and the deep ‘V’ and low back covers everything that it needs to, without crossing the line into ‘Mumsy’.

The double pleat and button detail under the bust adds a bit of glamour. But here’s the best part – it has tummy control. Which means I spend less time sucking in so hard my ribs almost crack under the pressure, and more time relaxing and enjoying myself. 

Now we just need some more sun…

• our swimsuits were provided for the purpose of review

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