FIRST SCHOOL DAY NERVES (mine, not hers…)

Big Sis is starting school in two weeks, and I don’t know whether to beam with pride, or quietly sob, or both. I can’t believe this is my little baby, looking far too grown up for my liking in her brand-spanking new school uniform. 

Being cheap frugal, I bought all the pieces from supermarket value ranges. I found the quality surprisingly good, considering the pocket-friendly prices. As we all know, kids can trash or grow out of an outfit in months (if you’re lucky) or weeks (if you’re not). There’s simply no point spending loads on something you’re going to have to replace soon enough anyway!

So, Big Sis is wearing a cobalt blue boyfriend cardigan, £5, white pin-tucked shirt with Peter Pan collar, £3, and white ankle socks, 7-pack £2.50, all from George at ASDAHer empire-line pinafore is £6.50, from MATALAN. That’s around £15 for her entire outfit. 

But I did splurge on her footwear, as I seriously believe kids need quality shoes while their feet are still forming. We bought Big Sis a pair of VIVOBAREFOOT shoes last summer. They mimic the effect of walking barefoot, so your foot moves just as nature intended, and they really helped straighten out the positional tallipes she’d been diagnosed with after birth. 

For school we got her these black T-Bars, £35. They’re cut nice and wide so all the toes have room to move, and fasten with velcro so she can easily get them on and off.

So Big Sis is now officially ready for school. Pass me those tissues, will you?


  1. Good luck, it’s harder for the parents I think. My son started last year and has come on leaps and bounds it really is great to see and makes up for the *sob* my baby is growing up stage. x

  2. aww how gorgeous does she look. We have 1 more year till it’s our turn for school and I know I’m going to be a blubbering wreck. They still seem like our babies don’t they! Good luck for the big day x

  3. mummyslittlemonkey - August 24, 2012 reply

    They will ALWAYS be our little babies, won’t they? Even when they’re at university… 😉

  4. mummyslittlemonkey - August 24, 2012 reply

    Definitely! Big Sis will be completely fine, and I’ll be blubbing at the school gates… 😉

  5. Much harder for us – when Madam started I actually managed to wave her off happily before the flood gates opened – which was a huge improvement on when Master E started and I could barely walk down the street for the tears rolling down my cheeks! x

  6. MidlifeSinglemum - August 26, 2012 reply

    She looks great. Good luck to both of you. xx

  7. She’s a darling. It really is one of the most emotional times as a mother I always think.

  8. She’s so beautiful! My little 2 year old will be wearing uniform for the first time in Sept as his nursery requests it-he looked so adorable trying on his hat!

  9. OMG,I cannot believe she is going to school already. Isabelle was in the same situaition last year. Good luck and don’t forget to bring loads of tissues on the first day!!!

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