As far as weeks go, the one before last was pretty awesome. 

Monkey Dad got a very rare week off work, and we went into Family Fun Day frenzy. I’m talking three kids’ destinations in five days – Peppa Pig World, Legoland Windsor, and London Zoo. 

I know what you’re thinking: ‘Is that lady freakin’ insane?!?’

Don’t get me wrong – there were challenging moments wrapped in our jam-packed week of half-pint heaven. Tears and tantrums, and all those things that come part-and-parcel when you mix thrill-rides, crowds of people, and two over-excited pre-schoolers. 

But time will fade out all those ear-splitting strops, and the never-ending queues, and the inconvenient patches of rain, leaving only lovely, shiny, happy memories. 

Like Big Sis screaming with excitement on the Pirate Ship at Legoland, or Lil Sis’ face lighting up when a life-sized Peppa Pig came striding through the park. Or seeing poor overworked Monkey Dad spending some rare quality time with the girls. And candy floss. Man, that stuff tastes good.

Here are a few of our bestest moments from London Zoo… reviews on Peppa Pig World and Legoland Windsor will follow soon. Whoop whoop! 


  1. Wow what a week, fab! Great pics too!

  2. And I thought my 5 year old was winding me up when she said there was a peppa pig land – oh dear. Will look forward to hearing what it is like!! Good luck! x

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