Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re gathered here to witness an historic race between two athletes; both at the pinnacle of their sporting careers. 

They’ve been training hard for minutes to compete in the great Innocent Drinks Fruit Olympics, in the notoriously difficult lemon and spoon race. Oooh – it looks like they’re warmed up, and ready to race. On your marks… Get set… GO!!!!!! 

It was a bravely-fought race, but we have two clear winners…  

big sis starts off strong
but stumbles, and lil sis steams into the lead
but big sis refuses to give up…
gah! she’s dropped it again, but has she made it over the finish line??
bolstered by her earlier success, lil sis decides to run again
and powers over the finish line… 
the winners’ podium. their mum must be so proud. oh, wait – that’s me!

Phew. This racing lark sure does make you thirsty. Time for a refreshing Innocent drink (the official juice and smoothie of the London 2012 Olympic games, don’t you know?). 

• our innocent drinks fruit olympics kit was provided


  1. Awww too sweet.

    I had to chuckle because in the last pic I noticed big sis has her shoes on the wrong feet. My four year old is FOREVER doing this. I’m actually going to blog about it soon because it’s become a running joke in our house….

    Looks like it’s a four year old, big sister thing LOL…

  2. mummyslittlemonkey - June 28, 2012 reply

    Ha ha!!!! She does it so often I don’t even notice anymore! When I try to tell her they’re on the wrong feet, she simply replies: ‘No s’not Mummy.’ So I give up in the end!! xx

  3. brilliant! love the t-shirt. Can’t be easy balancing a lemon on a wooden spoon…did Mum have a go? hmmmm.
    never noticed the shoes either..I’m so used to feet the wrong way around too!

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