PRETTY AS A PRINCESS // jubilee costumes from tk maxx

princess fancy dress

Helloooooo! Big Sis here. Notice anything different about me?

Noooooo, I haven’t changed my hair…. I’m an actual real-life Princess!

Of course I’ve dabbled before with the likes of Disney Princesses – Cinderella, Arial, Snow White, etc. But with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee looming, I felt I needed to ramp up the Royal factor.

Luckily for me TK Maxx have some beautiful princess fancy dress costumes, including this one; isn’t it amazing? 

Mummy says they’re Tudor-style. I don’t know what that means – all I know is that I feel beautiful when I wear it. I like spinning around and letting the skirt swirl out, and yelling: ‘Mummy, I’m a Princess! I’m GOOOOORGEOUS!!’

She also says it’s fantastic quality, with thick fabric, gold lace trim, and a fancy hooped skirt.

While this particular princess fancy dress style might not be available any more, TK Maxx always has a range of well-made children’s fancy dress costumes – take a look at them for yourself. And don’t panic if they you can find what you want online – you can also pop into one of the 350 TK MAXX stores across the UK and Ireland (did you read about the time Mummy completed ALL her Christmas shopping at our local store?)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some terribly important princess duties to carry out, including skirt swirling, hand waving and admiring myself in the mirror. Toodle Pip! 

• did you reach about the time Lil Sis picked her own outfit? Or when we reviewed the Barbie Princess Power dvd?


  1. harrysmommy - May 18, 2012 reply

    oh doesnt she look fab!! love the costume, wonder if they do adult sizes lol x

  2. She looks gorgeous and I agree with the other comment – if they don’t sell them for adults, they should do!

  3. She looks adorable ;))) said by a TKMAXX shopping addict ;))))

  4. ¡Que guapa! I want one.

  5. anthea barton - May 18, 2012 reply

    Gorgeous! Love the dressing up clothes at TKMax. Eldest has a beautiful golden brown one. Must dog it out of attic. xxx

  6. Any princess would be made up with that one! Beautiful, and that’s just the model!

  7. what a great find!!!!!!!!  off to Soho to find me a tudor costume for the next World Book Day

  8. Very princessy! gorgeous x

  9. Alexanderresidence - May 23, 2012 reply

    Hello lovely Princess!  Oooh we love a good dressing up costume here, your Mummy is right it does look high quality too

  10. What can I say to the lovely princess except that its awesome–great–very very nice and she is so cute, and the pretty dresses are really worth an applause– I love it— very well done jacqui– I am a big fan from now on

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