THE GREAT TREE FAIRY HUNT (country kids linky)

I work from home and look after the girls full time, and sometimes feel guilty that they’re stuck inside with me while I’ve got my nose stuck in my laptop. 

So when the weather cut us some slack and cranked up the temps this week, I grabbed the chance to take them outside and let them loose. 

There’s a lovely duck pond just a few minutes drive from our house, so we grabbed an old loaf and went to feed them. Then we ran around the green, picked daisies, collected stones, had sword fights with twigs, and looked for tree fairies. 

It didn’t cost a penny, and it was the best day we’d had in ages! Roll on Summer… 

collecting precious gems – otherwise referred to as stones
running as fast as her little legs could carry her (which wasn’t very fast…)
en guard! twig sword fights

picking daisies
searching for tree fairies
  Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Louise Edwards - February 26, 2012 reply

    We have had some lovely weather haven’t we – got to make the most of it! Fab pics cc

  2. Great pictures. I love nature – yes roll on Summer. I couldn’t get any of my boys to be interested in making a daisy chain with me last year though lol.

  3. mummyslittlemonkey - February 26, 2012 reply

    This will be the first summer that Lil Sis is old enough to really join in and enjoy herself. Can’t wait!! xx

  4. mummyslittlemonkey - February 26, 2012 reply

    LOL!! Yes, I can see how that might have been a hard sell… 😉

  5. Aww this is so cute. Can’t wait to give this a go. x

  6. mummyslittlemonkey - February 27, 2012 reply

    It was sooooo lovely – it really is the small things that end up being the best fun!! xx

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