SUPERMARKET DASH (cute kid pics)

kids in trolley supermarket dash



  1. That’s great, would be interesting to see it with the shopping too…

  2. Was it buy one get one free on children this weekend?

  3. wow thats a great trolley!!

  4. What a cool trolley, I’ve never seen one of those before!
    No need for a pushchair 😀 x

  5. As supernarkets and fairgrounds merge we will see more and more of these shopping rides for kids. I’m waiting for the roller-coaster-trolley!

  6. That is fabulous! Which supermarket? Although, where does the shopping go?

  7. Groceries? What groceries..? GAH! I knew I’d forgotten something!!!!!! It’s at Tesco – luckily I only needed a few bits and pieces so I could fit them in the top part of the basket. If you go on my Facebook page you can see what Big Sis secreted in her car as I was wheeling along… xx

  8. That is SO COOL!! Want!

  9. Lovely picture!! I bet they enjoyed it, but from what I remember they are a real nightmare to steer!!

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