NO MEAN FEET (dealing with positional talipes)

Positional tallipes

When Big Sis was born, she had a slight case of Positional Talipes. In a very simplistic nutshell, her feet had been squished up for so long in the womb that after she was born they remained a teensy bit turned in. 

We were assured they’d straighten out in time – most certainly by the time she started walking. They did to some degree, but there was still a marked ‘Pigeon Toe’ look to her feet – particularly on the right.

So began a series of disastrous visits to foot doctors with high-falutin’ titles. They all said the same thing – it’ll straighten out by itself. Except it didn’t. It wasn’t a huge deal. It didn’t seem to bother her, or really stop her from doing anything, but it was enough to be noticeable and we didn’t want her to feel self conscious when she was older. 

My osteopath (AKA, The Miracle Worker) recommended that we let her go barefoot as much as possible, as this would help her feet to spread out properly, engage all the muscles, and pull the foot outwards again. All very well when were at home, but not so practical in colder weather, or when we were out and about.

So I was interested to read about VIVOBAREFOOT. Basically, they dispel the idea that shoes need to be snug fitting, and with arch supports and cushioned heels. Their shoes are stripped back to basics. They’re cut nice and wide, so the feet have plenty of space to stretch and move. The soles are thin and uncushioned, so your feet, nerves and leg muscles react naturally to the ground underneath. It’s like going barefoot, in shoes. 

The VIVOBAREFOOT team very kindly agreed to send out a pair of the PALLY sandals for Big Sis to try. The ‘Mary-Jane’ style went with most outfits, so I pretty much put her in them every day over Summer. 

Nearly two months on I’ve seen a definite improvement, not just in her feet when she’s standing still, but also in the way she walks. She even seems to run easier (hence the picture above…). 

I can’t say for sure if it’s all down the the VIVOBAREFOOT shoes, but that’s the only thing I’ve done differently, so draw your own conclusions!!

I’m convinced enough to look at buying the trainer-style shoes now the colder months are approaching. At £42 they’re at the costlier end of the scale for kids’ shoes, but it’s a price I’m more than willing to pay to help Big Sis put her best foot forward (see what I did there..?).

• The VIVOBAREFOOT sandals were provided for the purpose of this review


  1. Oh really interesting. My wee Pip (15 months) has positional talipes too.
    And yes, all I hear is ‘it’ll right itself’.
    She isn’t walking yet but is cruising. I have kept her barefoot as much as possible but was thinking she was ready for cruisers.
    Now you have made me think again – I might look these up.

  2. Hi! We got sick of people telling us it would get better on its own and decided to be a bit more proactive – spesh since you only have so many years before the bones ‘set’ in place and can’t be as easily corrected. We figured that it could only help, so it was worth a try. It just made sense to me too – the body has been finely tuned over thousands of years, then we go and shove on these clunky tight shoes that completely throw off our balance. No wonder we suffer back ache, and sore joints, and weak ankles!!! x

  3. Love it!

    This stuff actually works and it is sad that the majority of the population is left unawares.

    I’ve been barefoot for 13 years now and all my aches, pains and flat feet have disappeared! Tell that to anyone and they’d say its a miracle. I say it’s going barefoot!

    I’ve written a guide on how I mad ethe transition and how any of your readers can too!

    Kudos on allowing Big Sis to go outdoors unrestricted! I really do hope more mums would do that.

    Here’s the article I was talking about:

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