SIESTA TIME – world photography day

World photography day
What better way to commemorate World Photography Day than me taking a photo of Big Sis, taking a photo of Lis Sis, taking a wee snooze? I can’t think of a single one…


  1. Totally agree. Happy World Photography Day!

  2. Aww, bless him falling asleep like that. Love Big Sis taking his photo though!

  3. Perfect on all fronts

  4. Oh that is so lovely. Look at big sis with her kiddizoom – perfect for world photography day! Bless little sis – we have pictures of Noah all passed out in the highchair too! x

  5. Lovely photo. Bless Little Sis, don’t blame her having a wee snooze, I would if I could.

  6. Love it!
    You’ve captured a real snapshot of family life.

  7. Brilliant photo. I love it!

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