THE GALLERY (what a load of bull)

Big Sis’s Great Grandad raises bullocks on his farm in Devon, and she’s been absolutely obsessed by them since she was a teeny thing. 
The last time we were down she was gutted to find they were off grazing. So when they came wandering back up the field a few hours later, she was off outside like a bullet. 
She remembered exactly where their feed was kept, and came lumbering back a few minutes later with a bucket full of pellets. Butt Naked.
She wasn’t intimidated in the slightest by their huge size, and proceeded to feed them for the next hour, in her birthday suit, yelling ‘Come on! Moooooooooooo! Come on!’
Next step – Lion Taming. (I’m joking kiddo, don’t even think about it!) 


  1. Oooh he looks scary!!

  2. That is a cracking shot! Love it!

  3. Wow, how cool to have a Grandad who has a farm in Devon.

  4. Love the pic, and the story about her feeding them! That’s one to bring up when she’s a far too cool teenager!! Emma 🙂

  5. I love the pic and a great story to go with it. Happy Birthday to Moo!

  6. What a lovely picture and a great story. x

  7. Great photo, I’m terrified of cows after being chased down the road by a herd of them once lol

  8. LOL well at least she isn’t scared of them.

  9. cows are soooo huge, how nice that bigsis isn’t scared of them 🙂

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