Big Sis is completely and utterly obsessed with bubbles. 
Unfortunately, because of her horrendously sensitive skin, she can’t even look sideways at soap without her eczema flaring up.
Thankfully, Lil Sis has none of her problems, but even this has created a very serious problem. Bubble envy. Because, while Lil Sis could partake in the simple pleasure of a bubble bath, Big Sis could not… until now. 
Over the past three years we must have tried a dozen different products – from regular supermarket brands, to prescription creams and lotions, and organic sulfate-free products – but they all seemed to aggravate her skin (although the organic products much less so than others). 
When the team behind E45 got in touch to say they were launching a new range of hypoallergenic and dermatogically tested children’s products, my interest was piqued – especially when they said there would also be a consultant paediatric dermatologist from the Cadogan Clinic on hand to chat to. 
I was really looking forward to checking out the range, and getting some professional advice, but unfortunately Lil Sis had other plans. On the day she had a horrendous bout of teething, and spent four hours screaming until she turned an alarming shade of purple. We made it as far as the train station, and had to turn straight back around. 
Thankfully the E45 team kindly offered to send us these Junior products to try at home:
I was a bit nervous trying the foaming bath milk out with Big Sis, as a fresh flare-up of eczema can torment her for more than a week, but I felt reassured by the fact the products were soap, fragrance and sulfate free.
Big Sis was beside herself with excitement when she saw her bubble-filled bath, and had a blast scooping them up, blowing them everywhere, and, of course, making the obligatory bubble hats and bubble beards.

There was an anxious wait to see if her skin would react… but one week on she’s totally clear of new eczema, which is just fantastic. 

Since having the girls I’ve found my hands have been really dry and irritated, from all the constant hand washing. So I’ve actually pinched the hand and body wash to keep by the sink, and it definitely feels less harsh than the soap I was using previously.
So I’ll keep using the bath milk, and the Junior moisturising lotion afterwards and hopefully we’ll have lots more bubbly fun and keep that pesky eczema at bay.
To mark the new Junior range, E45 have teamed up with Peppa Pig to encourage kids to hold their own BUBBLE BASH. Visit the site to find bubble mix recipes and loads of bubbly summer fun ideas. E45 Junior Foaming Bath Milk, 500ml, £4.85, E45 Junior Moisturising Lotion, 200ml, £3.85, E45 Junior Hand and Body Wash, 200ml,  £3.45 – 10p from every product goes to the Great Ormond Street Hospital.
• The E45 products were provided for the purpose of review


  1. How wonderful for Big Sis. I had excema as a child and I know how hard it is to get rid of once you have a flare-up. I grew out of it with puberty but still have small incidents on my inner elbows when the hot weather starts each summer – lasts a couple of weeks. Wishing you lots of bathtime fun, Rachel xx

  2. Rachel: It’s awful when she has a bad outbreak – I’ll hear her at night just scratching away at it in her sleep until her skin is raw. Fingers crossed we’ve finally found something that can help!!!! xx

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