FLOWER PRESSING (children’s crafts)

Flower pressing - crafts with Big Sis

I lurrrrve the Red Ted Art blog.

So much so, after hearing Maggy Woodley (mum to the infamous Red Ted) speak at CyberMummy, I came over all crafty.

I could already see it in my head – Big Sis and me, huddled together, heads touching as we giggled, and bonded, and created something awesome together.

Unfortunately, I quickly discovered a major flaw in my arty plans. I can’t knit. Or paint. Or sew. Or crochet. In fact, when I sat down and really thought about it, I realised I was pretty rubbish at most craft-based activities.

With my magical mummy/daughter bonding dream hanging by a thread, I suddenly remembered something…

When Big Sis was just a baby I’d dropped off some donations at the local charity shop and spotted a second-hand flower press for sale.

I loved pressing flowers as a kid – I’d squish them between the pages of a big encyclopaedia, then wedge it in the bookcase until they dried out, and turned paper thin.

It was only a couple of pounds, so I forked out the moolah and stored it away. I came across it briefly when we were moving house, then forgot about it again until just the other weekend when I finally got around to unpacking some of ‘non-essential’ boxes that’d sat in the garage for the past seven months.

Big Sis is currently obsessed with picking flowers, so it was perfect! We went to the front garden and picked Fuchsias, and then we did this…

flower pressing 2

flower pressing 3

flower pressing 4


We’ve got something super-special planned for the flowers once they’ve properly dried out.

We’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Oooooh how fab! 🙂 love the flower press.. was only just thinking the other day that we should get one! They are fabulous! Clever you!

    And you don’t have to knit or crochet or sew to get crafty… plenty of other crafts out there too (like flower pressing) – bet you will find tons of stuff you like to do!!!

    Thanks for the kind intro and mention. *BEAM*


  2. I was thinking about flower presses the other day too! I can’t ever remember making anything with the flowers that I pressed years ago – they always ended brown and discoloured! But I guess the fun is in the doing 🙂

    Can’t wait to get one for Tilly (& Jasper if he wants to join in!)

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