I can sing the entire theme song of Roary the Racing Car, word for word, in a bad version of a Lancashire accent. Don’t be jealous – I’m just super talented like that. 

But I’m not hear to boast – I’m here to tell you all about the Roary the Racing Car Live theatre show currently making it’s way around the UK. 
If watching the loveable red racing car on the telly just doesn’t scratch your Roary-sized itch, now you can see him come to life on stage, joined by his sidekicks Big Chris, Cici, Farmer Green, and Marsha, and with racing legend Stirling Moss as narrator.

If you’re living in the East Midlands, you’re in luck! The show is coming to the Palace Theatre in Newark, on May 21, and to the Embassy Theatre in Skegness on May 22.
If you live elsewhere around the UK, visit the ROARY LIVE website to find out when the show is in your area, and purchase tickets. 
OR… you can enter now to win a family ticket to Roary the Racing Car Live (two adults, two children). The ticket will be available to the show of your choice, but please check on the website first to find out if show is definitely appearing in your region, and also to ensure you can get to the venue on those dates.

Enter now by leaving a short message, telling me your kids’ favourite Roary character. Keep an eye out for my competition Tweets, and Retweet them for an additional entry. The winner will be selected by Randomizer on Wed, May 18.

Good Luck!!!


  1. Kate Pollard - May 11, 2011 reply

    My boys both love Big Chris – they love it when he sings songs and often join in with him! (I love his voice too…!)


  2. would have to be Roary they just love the cars:)


  3. have tweeted too of course @kikicomp

  4. My son Joseph loves Big Chris, my husband has a very similar accent, and Joseph says “daddy, car” when the music starts!

  5. My 3-year-old Lilly is a huge Roary fan… her favourite is Tin Top, and at Christmas all she wanted from Father Christmas was a Tin Top… it was the second present she found in her stocking and she couldn’t have been more excited!

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