When I went downstairs this morning, my box of Mother’s Day chocolates looked suspiciously depleted… can you follow the clues, and work out where they went?????


  1. Bwah ha ha! Girl after my own heart! 🙂

  2. That is so cute!

  3. That is just hilarious. Girl after my own heart!

  4. Good girl. You have trained her well.

  5. LoL!Bless her!Did she deny it ?lol!

  6. Hilarious and far too cute to tell her off!! Just came across your blog via another and it’s fantastic. Have started to catch up on some of your posts. Will definitely be following. If you get a moment pop over to mine

  7. Oh that is so cute!!

  8. Gone Bananas: It’s hard to be annoyed when I can remember doing something very similar at her age… ‘cept I climbed up into the pantry and ate all the orange-flavoured vitamin C tablets!

  9. Mrs E: V hard to tell her off when I can’t stop smiling!!

  10. Looking for Blue Sky: She looks like chocolate wouldn’t melt in her mouth – only because it didn’t have a chance to melt before she scoffed it!!

  11. Tara: I love the way she’s so brazen she didn’t even bother trying to cover her tracks!

  12. English Mum: See, if they’d been Celebrations choccies my finely tuned Rustle Detector (AKA: my ears) would have picked up the sound of the wrapper being removed, and I’d have been on to her in a flash. Alas, they were Milk Tray. The rest is history.

  13. BabbityBee: Deny it? She didn’t even bother to wipe off her chocolate moustache!!!!

  14. Mum in Meltdown: Welcome! Yes, it was a bit hard to tell her off when I was actually kinda proud of her ingenuity…

  15. Photo Puddle: I suppose I should be thankful that she left me three – though I suspect that’s only because I caught her before she had the chance to polish them all off!

  16. Wee Z did that to my chocolates too! He snuck them from my room, unopened I might add, took them into his bed, closed the door, opened them and ate one. My husband saved them from him before I didn’t get any! Cheeky monkies!!!

  17. A girl after my own heart indeed! never leave chocs close to a reachable edge. lesson learnt mummy1 😀 Fabulous post

  18. Laura: LOL!! I love the way they’re so sneaky about it too – it’s like they know they’re being naughty but just can’t help themselves!! x

  19. Mari’s World: I’d actually already moved them once from a more accessible part of the kitchen, but clearly I underestimated her poaching talents!! #Mummyfail… x

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