1. lol my boys used to love those rides. Seems like the adults are enjoying them too 🙂

  2. Please tell me what age kids are when they don’t cry and scream when you try to get them off a merry go round? – disaster for us every time so far because she loves it so much!!

  3. Over the hill Mum: They’re not actually adults – they’re absurdly tall children 😉 x

    I Heart Motherhood: Confession time – she only got off the merry-go-round because I bribed her with a go on the Bouncy Castle… x

  4. I once had two hours to kill on my own in NYC – I spent over an hour on the caroussel in Central Park. Just going round and round and daydreaming…

  5. Lol, gotta love the fair!

  6. MidlifeSingleMum: Brilliant! Hope they didn’t charge you for every ride – that’d add up after a while! 😉

    Vickie: It’s so much more fun now Big Sis is old enough to start doing these sorts of things. Can’t WAIT for Xmas this year!!! x

  7. Now that looks like great fun.

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