Mother's Day gifts 1
Hey, it’s me – Big Sis. I’ve sneaked on to Mummy’s computer while she’s tidying up all my mess from lunch (I don’t really know why she bothers, since I’m just going to mess it all up again at dinner time).

Anyway, Mummy has been working really hard since my Lil Sis was born, so I figured she deserved an EXTRA special treat for Mother’s Day.

Now I’m not suggesting she smells bad, or anything like that, but I thought she might like some yummy perfumed NHR ORGANIC OILS. They make lots of yummy essential oils that smell like fruit and flowers, as well as all these fancy looking massage and bath oils.

I thought Mummy might like her very own blend, made just for her. So I got the team at NHR Organic Oils to recommend some oils that smelled nice all mixed up together. Then I chose the ones I thought Mummy would like.

I know she gets a bit tired from working and looking after me and Lil Sis, so I picked a nice fruity Sweet Orange essence, which is supposed to help you feel all warm and happy and relaxed.

Then I chose Geranium which is uplifting, and helps balance the mind and relieve stress (I don’t actually know what ‘stress’ is, but I hear Mummy talk about it all the time, so she must have lots of it!).

Mother's Day gifts 2

When they arrived I gave them a good sniff, just to make sure they smelled really good (they did).

Mother's Day gifts 3

Next, I began to drip the geranium and orange bottles into the massage oil (which is called a carrier oil, because it dilutes and ‘carries’ the essential oils onto the skin).

Mother's Day gifts 4

Once I was sure that it smelled just right I put the essential oils back in their containers. There was still lots left, so we can make more lovey smellies another time. 

Now I can’t wait until Mother’s Day to give Mummy her very own specially made massage oil. She can even put some in her bath, to make the water smell all yummy too. I hope she loves it!

• our essential oils and carrier oil were provided for review

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  1. Great review but more importantly, she is so delicious! What a little cutie!

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