SUNDAY SISTERS – Mummy’s Little Monkey

I know, by pure definition, there aren’t supposed to be any words with this post, but this weeks calls for a couple. Because our lovely Silent Sunday host, @cosmicgirlie, is both celebrating and commiserating the end of an era today. You can read more about, in her own words, HERE. So when you post your Silent Sunday, spare a little thought for one of our favourite bloggers, and wish her well on this emotional day. xx


Silent Sunday


  1. I love pictures where I can see expressions on peoples faces, rather than just a brilliant smile. I like the way your elder girl is trying to see what her little sister is doing.And the lighting is great too!

  2. Isn’t that adorable! So lovely how Monkey is looking over at her little sister who is busy sucking her fingers. So lovely x

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I love how she is peeping at her little sister rather than at the camera.

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