FLASHBACK FRIDAY // scuba diving on the great barrier reef


Just looking at this brings back lovely memories of two weeks spent in tropical Far North Queensland, back in the year 2000. 

I set off with three other friends after ringing in the Millenium New Year in a penthouse overlooking the fireworks on Sydney Harbour. 

When this pic was taken we’d just been scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef and had stopped off at this tiny atoll for some snorkelling. It was literally just a little sand dune in the ocean, only as wide as you can see in the photo.

The next day we went skydiving, landing on a tropical beach. Amazing!

One year later I left beaches of Sydney, Australia for the grimy streets of SW London. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking – why would you leave paradise? 

To be honest, when I look at this pic I wonder the same thing myself… 😉 But I totally fell in love with the UK, and a decade later I’m still here, so I guess you’re stuck with me.

Pah, who needs a tan anyway???

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  1. Lovely photo, makes me long for a visit to sunnier climes!

  2. Get you, sexy mama! 😉 Love it…and wish I could be there right now. Thanks so much for sharing with us lovely…do come back next week for more Flashback fun! 😉


  3. So lovely to see this meme take off. Lovely entry in these cold days x

  4. That looks beautiful. Husband and I got married in the Maldives, and there were little islands like that there too, so wonderfully secluded.

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