The Good Guys ARE Still Out There…

As many of you will know, we’ve been carrying out major renovations on our new place.

To describe it as a bomb site is putting it mildly, and at times it’s felt like absolutely everything was going wrong.

Like when we had one day to lay our kitchen tiles before the guy arrived the following day to fit our kitchen. If we missed that slot, we would have been without a cooker for Christmas, and the thought of an Xmas microwave meal was just too depressing!

So we arranged for a local tiler to let himself in, and lay them while we were out. 

Except, when we arrived home that evening, we realised that the wrong coloured tile had been delivered (see L, compared to the correct tile on the R).

Because we hadn’t been there to pick up the mistake, the tiler had gone ahead and laid them.

Don’t get me wrong – they were lovely tiles. But they weren’t the ones we’d searched high and low for, and carefully selected to match our worktops. They just didn’t look right.

Now we were in a real pickle – the kitchen guy was practically knocking on the front door, so we decided to go ahead and have the basics of the kitchen put in, so we could at least enjoy our Christmas lunch before we figured out what the heck to do next.

We had no money to replace the tiles – we’d scrimped and shuffled our budget around in order to afford these particular ones, because we just loved them so much. 

Plus now we were looking at additional costs of either digging the wrong tiles up, or re-laying the right ones over the top. AND we couldn’t finish installing the kitchen until this had been resolved. 

It wasn’t life or death, but it just one more hassle I didn’t need, and just looking at the tiles tied my stomach up in frustrated knots.

We phoned the guys from the tile company, and steeled ourselves for a fight. My OH works in the building industry, and knows there are some real sharks out there. 

But rather than washing their hands of any responsibility, they were horrified at the mix-up. They checked, and found the right tile had been ordered, but in the wrong shade. 

In usual circumstances we’d have noticed from our end before they were laid, but our super tight time-frame meant that final safety net wasn’t in place.

To our incredible relief, they immediately offered to replace the tiles. Then they paid for one of their top contractors to come in, dig up the old tiles and lay down the new ones. 

The relief was huge… and the finished tiles (L) looked fab – do you agree??

So, I wanted to say a massive thanks to Tony and Simon from Luna Tile and Stone in Buckinghamshire, who didn’t quibble, or make our lives even more difficult when the mistake was realised. 

Instead they showed good old-fashioned service, and got it sorted as quickly as possible. And it couldn’t have been more appreciated.

I would invite them to come round for dinner once the kitchen is properly finished, but that’s more of a punishment than a reward…


  1. Your kitchen looks lovely. I’m so glad you managed to get things sorted.

    Becca xx

  2. oh wow that’s one amazing kitchen! And that looks like the oven we use to have before we moved into the place we’re in now. I do like the added red there 😀

  3. How lovely of them. And your kitchen looks awesome!

  4. It is great to know that there are good people out there, yeh for the great people in the world

  5. Thanks guys! There’s still lots to be done, but it’s getting there slowly. Our new dining table arrives in a few weeks, which I’m insanely excited about – as we’ve never had a table before!!! We didn’t have enough space in our flat, so have always had to to eat off our laps which I absolutely hate – especially now we have children.
    I’ve fantasised about having a table and a proper nightly family meal for years – it’s the small things sometimes, isn’t it????? xx

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