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This, of course, is a picture of my two ‘Children’ – which is the theme for this week’s Gallery. You might recognise it from when mini-Monkey was born, last Autumn, but I just couldn’t resist posting it again.
I was so worried about how Todzilla would react to being knocked off her Only Child post, but she has turned out to be a fantastic big sister.
Although there has been the odd little incident like burying mini-Monkey under a mountain of folded washing because ‘Bubba’s cold’… dragging her off the baby swing by her ankles to play with her… rolling her across the floor…
But all the rough-housing aside, she’s genuinely besotted by her baby sis. Just this evening she insisted on leaping out of bed and running downstairs because she’d forgotten to ‘Kiss Bubba night-night!’
I think this picture perfectly captures that adoration. I love it so much I even had it made into an actual piece of art for OH’s 35th birthday late last year. It was recreated in acrylic paint, by the fantastically talented @AndreaCutts of Children’s Portraits.

Now they’ll forever be my babies – on canvas, at least!


  1. What a beautiful picture – one to cherish forever!

    Carole x

  2. Lovely photo, makes me want a sibling for Leo!

  3. Really gorgeous picture and lovely post!

  4. That really is divine, both the photograph and the picture. Aren’t children amazing? And horribly photogenic?

  5. So very precious and that painting is such a treasure x

  6. I remember seeing this photo first time round, it’s a cracker of a pic. And lovely to have it as art in your home. Hope Bubs has recovered from the towel incident, bless her.

  7. That is absolutely beautiful. And what a really special sentiment to give your husband.

    CJ xx

  8. Oh that really is a stunning photo!! Lovely xx

  9. Just a beautiful photo and it also looks amazing as a canvas. I wonder how B will react to his new sibling in April, but your photo gives me hope all will be ok xx

  10. Such a gorgeous photo. It looks stunning as a canvas…

  11. An absolutely stunning photo I can see why you chose to have it ‘canvased’

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