Why Kids, Renovations and Christmas Don’t Mix…

renovations 1

Some of you kind folks have been asking about how it’s all going at our new home.

Well, the update is this – we’re in, but pretty much living in a construction zone. We have heat, running water, a loo that works, and floors and walls. And that’s kind of it.

Currently we’re all crammed into one room while our house s-l-o-w-l-y takes shape around us. It’s an adventure (she says, with teeth clenched). Here is a glimpse of our new digs in its current forlorn state: the bedroom (above) otherwise known as a mattress lying on bare floorboards.


renovations 2

The laundry/washing machine, referred to by some as a bathtub.


renovations 3

The kitchen – more commonly known as a microwave sitting in the spare bedroom.


renovations 4

The refrigerator. (I kid you not – we’ve been keeping our perishables in the snow outside our front door. As I type, there’s a Cornish pasty and a can of Coke sitting on the ledge outside my bedroom window).


renovations 5

Our front room; not much ‘lounging’ going on at the present time.

But one day soon we’ll look back and laugh. Proper laughing I mean – not that crazy, high-pitched ‘I’m about to have a complete and utter mental breakdown’ hysterical giggling.

At least, that’s what I have to keep telling myself…



  1. You brave soul! don’t worry, this too shall pass and when all is said and done – you’ll have a fabulous new house and life. Good luck with it all – I feel for you! Very nice to meet in person the other week – after all this time we’ve both had our second babies and moved. Nutters or pioneers?

  2. Oh my gosh! The refrigerator freaking kills me! And the washing machine? Love it!

  3. That’s tough, but hopefully the kids anyway see it as a big adventure. Will you have more done by Christmas, or are you being fed and watered somewhere else?

  4. I love your fridge: the upside to a winter storm

  5. We also when moved into our flat had no fridge, washing machine or freezer. However we did have a mini fridge that we use to take with us to London for the car to keep Cola cans cold (we’d go to London in the summer). Didn’t get a fridge for 2 weeks and freezer followed not long after. Our mates when they came round use to hang cola cans on the balcony door as it was winter.

    Sometimes we brits live with pretty much what we have and just deal by doing some mad things! 😀

  6. Your fridge is also a freezer! I popped some drinks out last night to cool and they were frozen this morning. I hope things do not take long and that you keep focused on the end result

  7. We are doing the same here and it’s been going on for three years so I know what you are going through! I’ve been using the back garden as my wine cooler lately!

  8. where’s the Xmas tree or are you giving it a miss this year? I am new to your blog but will guess you must be spending the day itself with family.

    Best of luck you are a braver lady than me.

    It’ll be worth it in the end.


  9. Thanks for popping over. Incredibly sweet of you. Stay warm, in body and mind.

    Liska x

  10. Wow! You are so brave to be doing this. Just keep drinking the egg nogg and it’ll all be over. As for the washing in the bath I remember doing that at college to save money – just stomping on the washing in the bath and great for aerobic exercise too! Merry Christmas

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