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  1. So cute! I love when they fall asleep on you like that! Merry Christmas 🙂

  2. Is that Daddy with yur first monkey? Really cute. It’s a lovely photo and sums up love perfectly 🙂
    Merry Christmas xx

  3. Laura: I know!! I’m loving having it all over again with my second. I missed the snuggles! x

    Jenny: Yep, and yep! I just love that look of complete and utter surrender on her face. x

  4. too sweet, there is something so magical about a sleeping baby.
    happy christmas

  5. *sniff* that is a gorgeous photo 🙂

  6. Very sweet 😉 @Kahanka

  7. Wow – that’s 1 of the most beautiful photos I’ve seen in a while! I love the look of peace & contentment on the baby’s face: it’s one I recognise in mine!

    You didn’t need a heading to tell us that this photo is about Love 🙂


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