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The OH has most of his family in Devon, so we’re often carting the little one down there for visits and for Christmas.

When Big Sis was first born we bought a bog-standard travel cot. It did what it said on the tin, but nothing more. It also had temperamental hinges, and was really awkward to put up, and collapse down again.

So when I tried the Fisher Price Rainforest Travel Cot, it was like kind of like testing a Ferrari, after driving a Mini Cooper!
Lucia will be moving to a ‘big girl’ bed soon, but kindly agreed to try out the Fisher Price cot on behalf of her soon-to-be-born younger sibling.

When I took the new travel cot out of the carry case, it practically unfolded itself – I just needed to gently pull up each side, and the hinges smoothly locked into place. So much easier than the frustrating battle I always faced with the other cot. 

It was spacious, with soft mesh sides, and padding around the top edges. I found the mattress in our old travel cot a bit hard and thin and always had to pad it out with blankets, but the Fisher Price mattress was much thicker, and could be used on its own. It was sturdy, but easily manouevrable, thanks to two lockable wheels at one end, and doubles as a safe, fun play pen.

Big Sis loved the bright rainforest design, while I liked the little storage pockets that hooked on the side of the cot – brilliant for holding nappies and wipes, so you don’t have to go rummaging around in the middle of the night. 

As soon as she saw the cot Big Sis insisted on jumping inside, and played happily inside for the next half an hour – as you can see from the pics.

She was totally enthralled by the detachable mobile. In addition to the battery operated mobile, with three rotating stuffed toys, it plays six different soothing rainforest tunes, and even flashes a little light show. 

Big Sis quickly worked out how to turn it on, and later that night I discovered her sitting in front of it, just watching it go around, like she was hypnotised! In fact she loved the travel cot so much, I suspect I’m going to have some trouble convincing her to let the baby use it, once the time comes.  

When it came time to put the cot down, it collapsed smoothly and quickly, folding back into a neat rectangle and slipping easily into the carry bag. 

With a RRP of around £100 you’ll pay more for the Rainforest travel cot than a basic model, but in my opinion it’s worth the extra expense to get a higher quality product, and all those fab added extras. 
* The Fisher Price Rainforest travel cot was provided for the purpose of this review. 

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