Say What?

The following is a true story, passed on to me by the mother in question:

‘Yes Kate.’
‘Daddy’s real name is Daniel, isn’t it it?’
‘That’s right. And can you remember what Mummy’s real name is?’
Blank look.
‘What does Daddy call Mummy?’
Look of sudden comprehension.

So, time to ‘fess up – what are the cringeworthy things your kids have said?


  1. So funny, and I thought I had problems with mine saying “Emma” rather than Mummy!

  2. Oh my that had me falling about laughing, I know I shouldnt!

  3. Oh no, that’s terrible but it did make me chuckle.

  4. Emma: LOL! Count yourself lucky – it could clearly be a lot worse!! x

    The Mad House: And apparently that’s one of the milder comments her kid have said over the years! 🙂

    PhotoPuddle: Def one of those ‘I shouldn’t laugh, but I just can’t help myself’ situations. 🙂

  5. LOL! Shouldn’t be laughing, it’s terrible but so funny!

  6. You couldnt have written it.


  7. Mummy, I like your tummy, it’s all wobbly!


  8. Hahaha! That’s classic!

    Kidder frequently comes out with blighters, he said “Gordon Bennett” the other day and also called me a “Naughty Dog” last night.


    Becca x

  9. He also swore once, but we don’t talk about that XD

  10. Must remember NEVER to ask that question…

    Very funny.

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