I had such a lovely morning with Big Sis. We visited a nearby soft play centre called Gambado (you can read my review here) and she just went wild! I often feel a bit guilty because she’s at home with me all week, rather than being surrounding by other kids her age.

I take her out as often as possible, to music class, and to the local kid’s park, and I’m about to sign her up for swimming lessons. But on weeks when I’m really busy with work, I just don’t have the time to take her out as often as I’d like. Fortunately, or perhaps because of this, Big Sis is fantastic at entertaining herself – getting hours of enjoyment out of something as simple as climbing in and out of a cardboard box! So it’s always really satisfying to see her running about, having a great time, and interacting with other kids.

I realised something today, that made me feel quite nervous – Big Sis has inherited her father’s fearlessness. She’s been on slides a few times before, but always with me, but today I watched her scramble  up the stairs on her own, and throw herself down with wild abandon. When that proved too mild, she then insisted on tackling the big slide in the older kid’s play area. It was really high, so I wasn’t about to let her do that on her own, so I clambered up through the climbing frame too, feeling very old and uncoordinated.

We go to the top and I thought she might be a bit intimidated, seeing how high up we were, but instead she started pushing me away, trying to launch herself down solo.  It was all I could do to cling to back of her t-shirt as she hurtled over the edge, and sped down the steep slope.

When I relayed this back to her father, he regaled me of stories about himself as a kid – how he’d hang off cliffs by his fingernails, and swing from the highest trees branches, just to get a buzz. The complete opposite to me, who used to imagine crashing in a fiery ball every time we drove over a steep hill in the family car. I love the fact that she’s confident, but her apparent lack of the fear gene is guaranteed to give me many, many sleepless nights in the future.

Are your kids daredevils, or scaredy-cats??


  1. Aha fear. I believe that children are not born with fear and for them it is a learned emotion. Both my boys are totally fearless and I have not stiffled that in them yet, although I am now very grey indeed. I love the abandon the have

  2. Lol the part where you say as a child you imagined crashing into a firey ball every time you went over a hill in the car = That was me as a child!

    J is an inbetween child, he’s adventurous but likes mummys support and to know it has my approvement 😀

  3. The Mad House: So I guess I’ll have to close my eyes, breathe deeply, and pray she learns to be sensible, without losing her sense of adventure!! x
    Hayley: I could picture it so clearly – even down to how upset our friends and family would be afterwards. How morose is that!! Sounds like you have the perfect mix with your son. x

  4. Whaddya mean crashing in a fireball? with Poppa Linz driving? Or with your Mum? LOL

  5. My little Cate is a complete daredevil. My husband encourages her to climb the highest ladders and careen down the steepest slides while I stand by anxiously. I’ve always leaned toward caution, but my daughter is a free spirited, curious, go-getting daredevil who is unafraid. I waffle between pride and horror. My son is only 15 weeks old – I’m hoping he’s a little less adventurous – I’m not sure my heart can take it!

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