OK… Breathe!!!

I think I’ve just lost five years off my life. One of Lucia’s favourite dishes is tuna pasta, mixed with chopped organic tomatoes, and grated cheese. It’s a nice healthy meal that I can prepare in a few minutes, and she loves it. I hadn’t actually given it to her in a few weeks, as I got a bit freaked by a report about the heavy metals in tuna, but decided tonight I’d treat her. As expected, she got stuck right in, using fork, spoon, and, when those proved too cumbersome, her fingers to shovel it into her mouth. It was all going swimmingly, until she started whingeing. I thought she’d had enough, so went to clean her up, only to see her face completely covered in angry, bright red welts. Her eye was watery and inflamed where she’d rubbed it with her mucky hands. Somehow, practically overnight, she’d become allergic to tomatoes! I had horrible visions of her going into anaphylactic shock, and her throat closing up, as she frantically gasped for breath. Thankfully the reality wasn’t quite so dramatic. I wiped her face with a cool flannel, and watched her closely over the next half an hour. The welts slowly faded away, and my heart rate finally began to level out. I did a quick check on the internet, and it turns out tomato allergies are fairly common, due to their high acid levels. News to me!! Apparently kids can become intolerant literally from one meal to the next – the body mistakenly registers certain foods as dangerous, and causes an allergic reaction the next time they’re consumed. So tomatoes are definitely off the menu, for the foreseeable future. Have your kids suddenly developed any allergies??


  1. That sounds really scary! Glad she’s ok. x

  2. It was pretty nerve wracking – you hear such awful stories about kids with allergic reactions, don’t you? Thank goodness my partner wasn’t here to see her – he would have totally freaked out and dragged us halfway to A&E!!!! x

  3. I am sorry for what happened with your girl… I know how scarry it can be when you witness something like this.
    Thank God it was a mild reaction and everything is fine now…

  4. its scary isn’t it. Unfortunately Little Miss P is riddled with allergies. The list of things she cannot eat is far longer than those she can’t. Its a case of introducing new foods very cautiously and keeping fingers crossed. If the rash gets very bad (spreads to chest etc), I have been advised by hospital to keep a bottle of junior piriton handy to give her one baby spoonful, should you want to get a bottle just in case!

  5. Alone in Holy Land: What made me feel even
    worse was the fact I’d fed it to her – I felt like I’d poisoned her!!! x

    Mummy Bear: That’s great advice about the junior Piriton – I’ll definitely get a bottle to keep at home. I really feel for you with Little Miss P – it’s heart stopping when they first start reacting, and you’re not sure how bad it’s going to get!! x

  6. OMG.
    I’ve got a 5yo and a 7yo – my cupboards are like Boots The Chemist!

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