NOT THE REACTION WE WERE EXPECTING // tippitoes kids’ trike

Big Sis Kids' Trike
Big Sis’s reaction, once I’d painstakingly assembled her Tippitoes Boost Trike… her gratitude was overwhelming.

Luckily, she quickly realised she actually LOVED the bike, and that frown turned upside down.


  1. brilliant photo! absolute classic response- glad she liked it in the end.

  2. Bless! Love the 10 seconds it takes for them to realise that life’s not so bad after all! x

  3. Love the photo, classic

  4. Awwww, she looks really upset. Bike looks fab though. :0)

  5. Hey I remember your first really cool trike, an all metal one from the US with streamers out of the handlebars when your were about three. Prior to that we got an old one that I restored and painted red – you loved it!!

  6. George’s Mum: She loved it so much I couldn’t get her out of it for the rest of the day. She’d just climb on and sit there till I started pushing her about!
    Young Mummy: she can go from utter despair to pure joy in 3 seconds flat…
    The Mad House: That one’s definitely making an appearance on her 21st birthday, along with the obligatory ‘butt naked on the sheepskin rug’ shot.
    Nova: She’s very dramatic when it comes to turning on the waterworks. Gets it from her father.
    Lindsay: I remember the go-kart – now that was some wicked wheels!!

  7. Great photo, one to embarrass her with when she’s a teenager!

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