This is Lucia’s newest facial expression. 

The ‘Cat’s Bum’, as I have nicknamed it, is a multi-purpose facial contortion used to convey many different emotions: shock (when she gets a fright), excitement (when the mail drops through the letterbox, or Daddy arrives home) pure happiness (when she hears the opening song to Waybuloo) and regret (when she posts one of my work notebooks down the back of the couch, and knows she’s in trouble. 

It’s usually, although not always, accompanied by a loud ‘Ooooooooooooooooooh!!’ 

Do your little ones have any expressions that make you laugh??


  1. I love it! How cute is that. And equally quite bonkers – must be a laugh a minute at your house. Amazing how children develop one facial expression which they use to convey so much.

  2. Very funny! I’ve left you an award over on Skirts and Wellies.

  3. cats bum, love it!

  4. Awwww, cute! ;0))

  5. Haha! That is excellent!

  6. Sarahleetravels: See, kids can be cute, as well as loud and messy!!
    Skirt and Wellies: A prestigious day – my first award! Very gratefully and humbly accepted. I don’t even have a speech prepared.
    Heather: What concerns me is that she probably picked the ridiculous expression up from me in the first place.
    Nova: It is exceptionally cute, but I am exceptionally biased.
    Make Do Mum: It makes me laugh just how dramatic she is (she gets that from her father).

  7. defenately her father!!!

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