• She can now walk on her tippietoes

• Her favourite song is Baba O’Riley by The Who

• Her newest word is Narabug (from Waybuloo)

• She can work Daddy’s i-Phone better than me (mildly embarrassing)

• Her idea of fun is walking around the  house with a wooden block jammed on her foot.

• She can tidy up as well as she can make a mess – she just chooses not too.

• She loves tinned salmon, but hates fish pie.

• She knows exactly where I stash the Organix snacks, and exactly how to climb into the pantry to get them.

What have you  learned about your little one this week?


  1. Hi there; Every week I get blown away at how much they are changing, growing, developing…its amazing isn’t it! We bought P her first pair of proper shoes today and I am loving watching her stomping around the house so proud of her feet!!!

  2. Don’t talk to me about kid’s walking shoes – I’m still reeling from the price of Lucia’s first pair!!! But, yes, it’s so lovely to see the utter joy on their faces when they learn a new ‘trick’. Lucia’s new one is to turn in circles until she gets so dizzy she falls over. She’s also trying to jump, but can’t quite manage to get her feet off the ground yet. Very sweet to watch her try though!! x

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