What a pile of s**t!

Maybe I just have a really juvenile sense of humour, but I couldn’t stop laughing about this the other day. I was changing Lucia’s nappy when she wriggled free and ran off down the hallway, butt-naked, and laughing like a loon. A few seconds later the giggling stopped, and I heard a desperate cry. Thinking she’d hurt herself, I leaped up, and ran to her room. As I reached the doorway I saw her pointing at something, with real tears pouring down her cheeks. I rounded the corner, and found what had scared her so badly. Lying on the floor was a rather impressive number two. I’m not exactly sure why the sight of it was upsetting her so much. Maybe she was embarrassed at her little toilet mishap, or perhaps she thought someone else had snuck into her room and left it there… All I could get out of her was a tearful ‘Uh Oh!’. Thank goodness for bleach, and wooden floorboards!


  1. Are you SURE it was hers? 😉

  2. Hmmmm, perhaps there is a phantom pooper, sneaking in to people’s houses and leaving nasty little parcels. Maybe that’s why Lucia got so upset – she knew she was being framed for the crime!!

  3. Bless her! I think someone’s trying to set her up!Little Legs has just started crawling and I realise that nappy changing will never be the same again. Dread to think what it’ll be like when she can run away!

  4. Mum with carrot in her hair: yes, it’s definitely more challenging, having to chase a giggling naked girl down the hallway with a nappy and a packet of baby wipes. But it has its funny (messy) moments too…

  5. This made me giggle! Fair enough I say – the contents of my babies’ nappies often scare me to death too!

  6. Young Mummy: Isn’t it frightening how something so small and beautiful can create something so horrific? I’m actually pretty immune to crappy nappies now, but my partner still goes pale, retches, and does everything humanly possible to avoid them. Mind you, he is a bit of a wuss!!

  7. Oh I can so relate! We had sh**gate here the other day. One of the twins pooed on the floor by accidnetnnad both stepped in it and bought it up to me upstairs! How nice!!! Mich x

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