There’s nowhere to hide…

The other day Lucia decided to hide from me. Now, she must be part chameleon, because I could not figure out where she’d gone. Take a peek at the pic below, and tell me – can you spot her????

See? Virtually invisible. For those of you who, like me, were stumped, the below pic reveals where she was actually hiding…


  1. My gorgeous wee granddaughter – will we see you before high school? Howz about we Skype again soon so Poppa Linz and Nana Jane can see U and wave like idiots?

  2. haha sooo cute! 😀

  3. Poppa: Skype sounds great… have your people speak to my people.
    Mummy Bear & WADS: She’s just at the cutest age now, where she is so cheeky, and her character is really shining through. She genuinely thought I couldn’t see her in that first pic, and got so excited when I pretended to look for her, that her little legs were wriggling about like crazy!!

  4. That is so sweet, they are so funny aren’t they. I love your blog look, I’m very envious I may just have to skip over to the Design Girl now! ;0)

  5. Brilliant!! I love it x

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