As a newbie blogger, I’d never been tagged and was beginning to feel like the skinny kid who never gets picked for the hockey team, so I was delighted to finally get the nod from by Suzanne at Sky Blue Sea for my ‘Top 5 Moments From 2009’.

I’d planned to do this days ago, but pesky 2010 just kept on getting in the way, so apologies if it now seems a bit ‘last year’. Here we go:

1: Big Sis’s first birthday in August. My sister just happened to be over from New Zealand with my niece and nephew, and the weather just happened to be hot and sunny – like, all day! What are the chances? Big Sis, of course, was completely ambivalent about the whole proceedings. The night ended with us grown-ups drinking too much champagne, and talking drunkenly about how great our kids were, and how much we loved each other. Cringe.

2: My magnifique girlie weekend. My cousin and best friend was over from Sydney for the summer, so we nipped over to Paris for a few days. We dressed up, and had French pastries on the Champs-Elysees, and drank Stella Artois (what else) in the courtyard of our hotel, and ordered croissants and coffee with rubbish French accents. Then, best of all, I got to come home to my beautiful little girl.

3: A night at Ronnie Scotts. I’d always wanted to visit the famous jazz club, yet it took me eight years to actually get round to it – even once I was in the right hemisphere! My partner’s birthday in October seemed like the ideal opportunity, so we met up with some good friends, and had an AMAZING time.  Carlene Anderson, ex-lead singer for the Brand New Heavies, was singing, and she was goosebumps good. Can’t wait to go back.

4: The Britney Spears Circus tour. Yes, I know she mimed, and, yes, the tickets were a bit pricey considering it wasn’t technically live, but I still had a fantastic time. Maybe it’s because nights out are so far and few between, and… ah, forget it, I’m not going to make any excuses. I just love Britney, and her music – shaved head, emotional instability, questionable parenting, and all. Simples.

5: The first time my daughter saw me across a crowded room and shouted ‘Mama!’ with such excitement in her sweet little baby voice. Makes me smile every time I think about it.

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  1. Wow! Fab list – I particularly love the last one.
    How gorgeous is that feeling? – simply priceless
    x (anyway never mind being a newbie blogger check out all your followers- wish I had half as many!!!!)

  2. I bribed some of them with cash, blackmailed a few others, and the rest are family members 🙂

  3. Very witty, and I’m sure not entirely true x

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