I posted a few weeks ago about teaching Big Sis how to give proper kisses. 

I’d been training her for months, like an Olympic athlete, and all my hard work finally paid off when she started rewarding me with sweet little smackers on demand. 

Except now I’m concerned that she’s taking all my teachings too far, because she’s kissing EVERYTHING! Teddies, toys, books, her own hand… the other day I watched as she kissed each and every piece of her jigsaw puzzle. 

It’s very cute, if a little obsessive. Are your little ones just as affectionate??


  1. Little Miss P has always given me kisses at night (well she comes at me with her mouth open!), but lately she has been giving her teddies a kiss goodnight too….she is yet to give Mr Scruff a kiss despite his best efforts at encouraging her but she has started to waddle up to him for cuddles!

  2. Aaah, I can’t wait for kisses!

  3. She’s so cute! We definitely went through a kissing phase in our house. Now I’m lucky if I get a hug *sniff*

  4. I also get the open mouthed rather sloppy ‘kiss’, if you can call it that. At the moment they are for me only which I kind of like really.

  5. I am not sure but I think it is a phase. Two of my friends have girls the same age and they had a “kissing” phase! Everytime we were all getting together they were desperate to kiss my boy and he hates kisses 🙂
    Over here from the BMB. I didn’t see the old look but really like the new one 🙂

  6. Mummy Bear: I used to get those big drooly open mouthed smackers, but she’s just started pursing her lips and making the cutest little kissy noises.
    Young Mummy: It’s so lovely – although a bit slobbery to start with!
    Liz: She’s not overly affectionate – she prefers being chased to having a cuddle – so the kisses are extra appreciated. I’m already dreading the day when they don’t come so readily.
    Mummy Limited: It’s nice to get some special love, just for Mummy!
    Perfectly Happy Mum: Your poor soon – ambushed from both sides! I hope he’s not too traumatised. 🙂

  7. oh yes! i love it! although i did wonder if he was getting a little full on with me when he was going for it on the tube yesterday!

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