Hanging with my buddy Peter – Andre, that is.

It’s Monday evening, it’s freezing cold, and America’s Next Top Model doesn’t start until 9pm. So how does a gal pass the time till the next Tyra Mail? Ooh, I know – I’ll hang out with Peter Andre! Alright, alright – it wasn’t exactly a cosy dinner for two. More like standing in a Covent Garden shoe shop with 80-odd other invited guests also trying to catch a glimpse of Mr Andre. In fact, that’s exactly what it was like. An ITV film crew, an entourage of management, and an OK photographer were shadowing his every move, so it didn’t seem likely that we’d even get near him. So imagine our surprise when, after standing hopefully to one side, trying to appear nonchalant, we were waved over by one of his peeps for a quick pic with the main man! It’s such a cliche, but he really was smaller, and better looking in person. He was so lovely too, greeting us with a huge smile, and a kiss on each cheek, before posing for yet another pic. (That’s me on the left, clutching my flute of orange juice – go party animal!). He was still there, taking pics with his adoring audience, when we left an hour later. What an all-round nice guy, huh? I was Team Andre before, but now I think I have a little Petey crush. Just a teeny one. Please don’t tell Jordan – she scares me.


  1. That is a great picture of you Jax – must admit I had the most amazing dream about Petey one night – and yes I have had a crush on him for years – my dream “pretty boy”

  2. Well personally I have to say sweeties he does NOTHING for me at all – oh well cest le vie 🙂

  3. Gee you are looking more like your Mum every year – the eyes I think!

  4. So where you home in time for 9pm? lol Yeah I am team Andre too! Mich x

  5. Michelle: I was home in time to watch it on Living+1 at 10pm – not very Rock & Roll, am I???

  6. Get You – you look fab!Sounds like you had a great evening. I was at home watching “ANTM”, and then the “Good Wife”, not very Rock & Roll either.

  7. Sounds very exciting! ;0)

  8. Suzanne: Ooh, I Sky+ed the Good Wife. Isn’t it great?? Didn’t you just want to slap Mr Big for humiliating her like that??
    Nova: Just a regular day in my uber-glamorous life… (ps: that’s a bald-faced lie – usually the most exciting thing to happen in my day is the postman arriving…)

  9. I couldn’t agree more – we were lucky enough to meet him once and I was quite struck with how lovely he was. He gave both of my girls an autograph and instead of hastily scribbling his name he asked them their names and even asked how to spell them. Yes, he was shorter than I thought but yes, more gorgeous!

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